Overbust Corset PVC Red Bustier Waist Trainer F8809

As low as £74.90
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Overbust Corset PVC Red Bustier Waist Trainer F8809

As low as £74.90
Free Shipping Within the UK
✔ Authentic Corset ✔ Corset Maker Quality >>> Hourglass Figure within Minutes
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Genuine Steel Boned Overbust Corset

- Corset Maker Quality -

---Perfect to reduce your waist--

The overbust corset is a standalone item of clothing, in the chest bust area the bones are left shorter so that your bust can fit in nicely and you can adjust the size with the lacing.
It has a complete support function and provides you with regal posture. It emphasises the waist and hips, thus giving your upper body a very feminine silhouette.
Your breasts enjoy a particularly aesthetic shape.

The special thing about it is the hourglass effect, which means that your waist is strongly accentuated, greatly flattering your hips.

The corset is excellently suited to give your clothes a special look as a fashionable accessory.

Delivery includes
corset, corset laces
instructions on lacing perfectly

metal busk
suspender loops sewn on

  • True handmade Victorian corset
  • Perfect to reduce the waist
  • Authentic fully steel boned corset, with extremely figure-forming properties
  • Help the wearer achieve the hourglass feminine figure
  • Skin-friendly lining made of 100% cotton
  • Metal busk to put it on and take it off quickly
  • High-quality corset laces
  • Modesty panel and lace up back with strong laces

A major difference to the many cheap corsets, mostly mass-produced in China:
The material in these corsets is usually thin and tears easily, the bones are stiff, breakable and immovable, the lacing is more designed to bind that to lace up.

From us you receive a real lace-up corset, excellently handmade, at an outlet price
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Delivery Time 3-12 Business Days
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