Genuine steel boned corsets for any occasion

Feminine and figure-forming – elegant corsets

Even in these times of comfort fashion, with clothing that provides plenty of space to move, the corset remains a favourite item of clothing amongst women. Not only can corsets shape the female figure beautifully and particularly highlight the female curves, elegant corsets also are considered highly seductive lingerie. Corsets are something special - not only as underwear, they can also be extremely elegant when worn as outerwear. In our online shop we present laced corsets manufactured from high-quality, premium materials, fabricated passionately with a focus on detail.

An elegant corset – the perfect bodice

If you are looking for a beautiful and special outfit for an elegant event, then one of our beautiful overbust or underbust corsets should be your underwear of choice. When wearing a garment with a low-cut neckline, choosing the right corset is pivotal. The corset is an essential prerequisite under an elegant evening gown. It also plays an important role as lingerie under a wedding dress or as part of a costume for a theatre performance. The right corsage can provide the perfect figure for a traditional dirndl dress. Laced corsets, manufactured from high-quality fabrics, with premium quality ribbons and elegantly placed lacing, adorned with beautiful lace and accompanied by matching garters are highly seductive and very feminine lingerie items. The corsets presented here can either be worn loosely laced as in the style of a corsage or firmly laced to achieve a slim waist and at the same time beautifully emphasising the bust size. This makes our corsets not only a perfect piece of underwear but also a highlight as outerwear!

Overbust corsets and underbust corsets handmade by our experienced corset tailors

Our corsets are handmade and manufactured with artisan craftsmanship by specialised and highly experienced tailors with a keen eye for detail. This allows us to also provide you with specific made-to-measure corsets! We aspire to fulfil the needs of every woman with our beautiful corsets. Our corsets are therefore available from 22" to plus size 44" . Our corsets contain more than three layers and have stainless steel flexible rods (steel boned) as well as backbones to reinforce the lacing at the back for a perfect fit. Women who want to achieve a small waist through lacing need a perfectly fitting underbust or half-bust corset. In contrast, the overbust corset offers complete figure shaping. In addition to the different corset types, our product portfolio allows you to choose from many beautiful colours and combinations thereof, such as white, black, blue and white, red, red and white and many more. You can also add matching garters to your order.

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