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We have been tailor-making corsets for many years.
We only manufacture laced corsets, since they have the advantage that, in contrast to fashion or bustier corsets, they can be laced rather than just worn.
The corset however can serve both purposes, it can also be worn “only” as a corsage by not lacing it too tightly.
However if you desire a waist cinching corset, then it can be laced tight, providing all the advantages of a true laced corset.

Hence, with our products you have both options: our corsets can be used either as a corsages or corsets!

Profit from our long experience in corsetry, our knowledge and our many years spent in developing and perfecting the hourglass shape.
The shape a corset gives beautifully highlights the female curves and hides any unwanted padding, an effect which is enhanced by the waist reducing effects of our corsets.

The effect of our corsets is totally independent of the corset size. A beautiful woman can look very feminine both in size XS (22") or in a size 8XL (44").

We tailor a corset in different standardized sizes, typically ranging from size XS (22") to plus size corsets in size 8XL(44").

In addition to our standard sizes, we also manufacture corsets specifically tailored to your individual needs. Upon consultation, we can also create corsets from images provided.
We are not a mass production facility but rather provide artisan craftsmanship!

Overbust corsets, half bust corsets, underbust corsets, waist corsets, bridal corsets or the brand new waspie are available in our shop.

As mentioned above, our steel boned corsets can be worn as overbust corsets, half bust corsets, underbust corsets or waist training corsets.
Numerous colours available: black corsets, red corsets, white corsets, as well as blue, beige, ivory, pink or a variety of other colours. Various shapes and forms are available: in differing lengths including longline corsets.
Different materials available, e.g. satin underbust corsets, leather waist corsets, waspies in crushed or shiny fabric. Naturally, all other shapes are also available in diverse materials.

A corset manufactured by us consists of at least three layers, the upper material, a bonding layer and the inner lining made of cotton twill.

This robust combination provides the laced corset with excellent stability, whilst the inner lining always fabricated from cotton, is well tolerated by the skin.

Profit both from our long-year corset experience as well as our high quality, available at outlet prices!

Now, enjoy browsing. If you should have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you.

Sincerely yours,
Your corset tailors.

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