Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart



Made-to-measure corsets


If you have a larger bust size (larger than a D cup) and still prefer an overbust corset, or in case you would like a plus size corset, we will gladly provide you with a made-to-measure solution.


We require the following measures for your tailor-made solution:




Breasts (wearing a bra and measured at the widest place)




Waist (measured at the narrowest place, typically under the rib cage)


Hips (measured at the height of the hip bones)


Length: (measured in front at the fastening)


- Overbust corset


(place the measuring tape on the breastbone between the breasts, you can see the exact spot on the product image, and pull the measure tape down to where your tummy starts)


- Half bust corset


(Measure in the same way as described for the overbust corset, only start measuring slightly lower. Typically, a half bust corset is about 1 – 2 inch shorter than an overbust corset and levels off horizontally at the top, which pushes up the breast slightly.)


- Underbust corset


(Underbust corsets end below the bust. Please refer to the image of the corset that you chose and start to measure with the tape right at the spot where the closure starts, then pull the measuring tape down until under your tummy.)


- Waist corset


(The waist corset is the shortest corset and does not extend either under the bust or over the hips. Its standard length is 7 - 10 inch. You should choose the appropriate length based on your individual torso length. Please refer to the image of your selected corset.)


Please make sure the measuring tape is pulled tight whilst measuring and do not subtract anything for waist reduction! We need your natural measurements.


We tailor the corsets according to your individual measurements and we subtract 3/6/3 cm (top/middle/bottom) for lacing, our formula tried and tested for many years. If you desire less or more reduction, please inform us at the time of your purchase.


Don’t worry, you will not make any mistakes when measuring. In addition the lacing does allow for minor measuring mistakes.


Naturally, for the overbust corsets we also need your cup size.



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